I have an Arm macbook (thanks to advice from this group :slight_smile: ), and I have some questions about arm that I hope some more technical people in this group can answer for me.

  1. is it already possible to use plugins that have an arm build?
  2. will I need an arm built version of VCV for that?
  3. will that version also run non-arm builds?

In short, will using arm versions of Rack only be interesting if all (or most) plugins are built for arm, or will it be possible to use a mix?

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  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No.

In short, yes, no.


Thank you. Just as I suspected, and another bridge we can only cross by leaving behind half the collection.

Ah, too bad.

Give it a bit of time. Devs are verifying (and possibly fixing) their plugins for ARM and I’d be surprised if it’s more than a year away for an official Rack release for ARM+macOS with a full or nearly full library available. The last stragglers will be the commercial plugins I’m sure.

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Really? Commercial plugins are usually some of the first to get sorted no?

There are a few developers who seem to have lost interest in Rack, and whose products I would miss a lot. Some of those I can only use because a friend made builds for me. But that’s not always possible, either.

So I’m a bit less optimistic.

But we’ll see :slight_smile:

Could be that you’re right, and I’m mostly remembering some special cases.

Yeah, that seems to happen on every new major Rack version, and might happen with ARM as well. However, my impression is that for ARM plugins mostly don’t need any changes at all but simply an additional build for ARM, so I’m pretty optimistic. It might very well be that the new ARM release will be close to a non-event, except for some people on ARM whose life will get easier and perhaps with a percievable performance boost.


We already know that well over a thousand modules work fine on ARM (a certain Rack derivative has cross-platform ARM builds for over a year now).

The main issue is the logistics of having everything automatically build for the store.


Toolchain seems ready. I have used it, and haven’t had any complaints about ARM builds not working.

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Downside is this is still only for Apple ARM and not all ARM systems :wink: