Are there any contests or challenges going on?

Preferable ambient related. :slight_smile:


I’ve had an ongoing challenge for the last five years, to finish and release any music. Failed comprehensively so far :rofl:


Oh man - I feel you on that one! I actually have reasonable hope of releasing something this year!


There’s the long-running vcp challenges but @ablaut seems to be on hiatus again. Solution: Make your own :slight_smile:

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Was actually thinking about starting one, here, but I’m afraid that if everyone does so, it might contribute to VCP fizzling out even faster?

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Until @ablaut returns, I’ll give it a try. However, just filling in, not competing! Hope he doesn’t mind…

Here is a challenge … anyone interested? Create a VCV patch of:

  • ambient music

  • slowly and smoothly morphing from beginning to end, thereby creating a clear sense of movement and progression in the arrangement

  • ideally, the end should be very, very different from the start, but without major jumps and cliffs on the way

  • less than 10 minutes

  • use any free plugins, but from the current VCV Library only

  • tag entries Ambient Morph Feb. 2024

  • submit your entries here at Ambient Morph Challenge (February 2024) before or on February 29, 2024. Post on Patchstorage, if possible. Audio and/or video on Youtube and/or Soundcloud.

Inspired by the question discussed previously at The ever-changing generative patch challenge?.

EDIT: Location for submission updated


There’s the [Built-In Challenge] currently running on Reddit;

That’s great. I do think however you should start it in its own topic, like the other VCP’s, and then people can respond there.

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Great idea!

The challenge was migrated to Ambient Morph Challenge (February 2024).


I’m in of course! Yippy! :smiley:

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i don’t mind at all! glad to see someone keeping the tradition alive.

the one thing i will keep doing is the yearly drone day in may.

other than that it depends on my energy and interest. most of that goes into my work as a primary school teacher, and in my free time into gaming (since last summer that’s eve online, especially since starfield turned out to be a dud…).


Great to hear that all is going well.

I’m curious how things are going to develop and hope there will be continued interest in the community to submit very cool patches, so we all can enjoy great sounds and learn from innovative, creative projects.

VCP challenges have been running successfully for quite some time. Just to keep it fresh and avoid duplication, does anyone have a list of all topics covered in the last 77 or so rounds?


Thank you very much, @LarsBjerregaard, very smart search technique!

[link deleted for redundancy]

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