Arbitrary number of Inputs/outputs


I’m looking for a way to get any number of inputs and/or output for a VCV Rack instance, instead of the number given by hardware (eg: my sound card have 6 inputs and 4 outputs, so has VCV Rack with the audio module). This way I’d be free to do things with Jack server. Is it at all possible ? Maybe a module does that ?

Thanks in advance…

how many do you need?

As much as my project would need when I use VCV in a project :wink:

You can have several Audio devices in Rack 2.

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Up to 64 channels with Stoermelder:

Grab it from here:

All these things seems not to help, as there it seems to be always the limitation to be only able to select a hw device or a VCV Rack device which already is limited by the hw device. However with multiple audio modules one can get a new jack client which can then be reconnected (however i have not tested if it works in practice):

Are you on mac? Then you can build ‚one’ combined device in your audio-settings and choose that in VCV.

Cheers, dDom

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no i am on linux, but wouldn’t the aggregate devices on mac also require hw devices which would limit the channels count?

Oh, I meant to reply to @vince_in_wonderland and I am also not sure, I understand your question about hw-limited channelcount. My case of aggregated device combines a focusrite-card with 16-channel internal routing via blackhole (which is a jack-pendant in mac-world, as it seems to me). My internal routing capabilities are just limited by blackhole‘s 16 channel limitations. * For internal routing, it doesn‘t matter if I put my 18In/20Out Focusrite or my mac 2In/2Out (or both) together with blackhole in the aggregated device.

  • funny enough: blackholes 16 channels seem to have no direction, so you can use them as 16 VCV Outs. … or Ins… I found that out the hard way, nothings stopping you from using the same blackhole channel for both, but you‘ll here unexpected things on your monitors.

As far as i have understood, this question is about JACK. With JACK it is possible to have virtual any count of channels. But in Rack when selecting JACK the number of channels i can get is always limited by the available hw devices. This is it all about. So the way to take a second audio module to get a further jack client by selecting the VCVRack device may be a solution for the problem.

… ok, thanks for clarifying. Cheers, dDom

Thanks for your answer guys. Sorry I was a bit busy lately. @dDom : as docB said, it is possible with Jack to link any compatible software audio and midi I/O with any other Jack compatible software (I use Ardour as a DAW, for example). Having an audio module that is not tied to hardware but expose all of its i/o plugs to jack (would it be 2, 4, 8 or even 64) would be very useful. In my workflow (and I do believe it’s the most common use case, at least for Jack users), VCV is never directly connected to hardware I/O.