Apple M1 Chip / Mac Air


I want to buy a new Laptop and of course wanna use VCV Rack on this. I´m in the Apple world and thinking about the new MacAir with the M1 Chip.

What I understood is that some Software has to be emulated because they are not customized for using the new structure of the M1 Chip. So it could be that I can´t use the full power of the chip.

Now I´m asking if the VCV can work with that structure or will it be possible in the future? Do you know more about this?

I hope what i wrote makes sense. Thank´s for your time :slight_smile:


There’s a big thread on the M1 stuff here…


I tested the M1 Air in that big thread. Bottom line: It works well, depending on your needs of course. This is the specific test post, I suggest you go over there for any further questions: