Anything like Morphagene, Arbhar in VCV?


I’m only starting out on VCV rack really, I got inspiration with regards to learning modular from this tune and wondered if there are similar modules in VCV?

I’ve bought Omri Cohens training videos too so I hope to get better.

I do have some hardware though, Elektron gear (Digitakt and Digitone) I hope so see if I can use these with VCV rack too.

I’ve heard that Nysthi Simpliciter has some relation to Morphagene but I’ve never used the hardware so can’t really chime in on that


As @main.tenant says, Simpliciter is the closest thing you can get in Rack.

Omri has a few videos covering it, in which he calls it ‘the poor man’s Morphagene’.

I seem to remember that he also demonstrates how you can create/load Morphagene reels into it.

And there’s this thing:

It’s part of the commercial granular set by path set and with it’s expander it’s a fully featured granular sampler.