Anyone up for a challenge? Wonky Beats is the theme, Mutable Instruments (Audible Instruments in VCV Rack) are the main players

Here is a patch to mangle and tweak.

Only reward is fame for the wonkiest patch made :wink: And everyone is the judge. Post the patches here to have a wonky time :wink:

You need the Stoermelder P1 modules, Get the latest build here and drop into plugins folder, restart Rack if running and you should be good to go:

Only rules are:

Only Audible Instruments modules may be added, and nothing may be taken away. Simple? You be the judge:

FG_R2_83_13_MutableInstruments_Fun.vcv (7.6 KB)

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That certainly is wonky! It took me a while to listen to the patch as it causes some mysterious crashes for me.

All I ended up making was a bug report on the AudibleInstruments plugin

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The crash on start usually is a one-shot here on my M1 Mini. If I open Rack after crash and tell it to go open patch anyway it will open. Has been reproduced by the folks at VCV and under investigation. However the other issues I have not seen here…