Anyone see a 'Ctrl-Alt' crash?

Not including log.txt because there’s no indication of a crash - the last log line is an autosave.

This is Windows 11, Rack 2.4.1

The crash happens when I hold down Ctrl-Alt, before I hit ‘S’ to take a screen snapshot.

Truly weird. The only non-standard thing is I’m beta testing @synthi’s next NYSTHI version.

Here’s the patch I was running. It’s a predictable crash – every time I hold down Ctrl-Alt, if I wait a few second it crashes Poof, meaning it crashes without logging anything about an assertion failure.

2024-02-06.vcv (7.1 KB)

Not me. Is it possible your mouse is over some module that captures keyboard focus? My old Seq++ module jumped though hoops to grab the control key, but you had to click on the module to get it to steal focus.

No, I don’t think it’s a focus-stealing deal. It doesn’t matter where in the window the mouse cursor is.

The reason I haven’t logged it as a bug is that there’s so little to go on as to why it crashes. And when it doesn’t crash in Rack or a module with an assertion failure the crash doesn’t get logged.

The only thing I suspect is NYSTHI modules, which I have in the patch. I love all of the Nysthi modules but a few of my favorites seem to be a bit crashy, at least the way I mess with them.

no problem for me either