Anyone know how to run on 4k monitor/linux/vmware?

On my normal windows 11 computer, VCV correctly senses the DPI, and does what apples calls “retina mode”. that is to say things come out “normal” sized, not tinny.

On the same machine when I run Ubuntu Linux under VMWare Player, everything is tinny, including VCV Rack.

Anyone know how to fix this?

is VMWare a kind of virtual machine?

in my experience it is a issue related to the drivers, it is hard to fix on virtual machines, try to find a way to install close source drivers if needed

I haven’t used that combination. But try this:

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If your Ubuntu is older, here’s another guide

Ubuntu 21. I think that’s pretty new?

Yes, the vm in VMware does in fact stand for virtual machine.

That looks promising.

So I tried that out, and sure enough the standard Ubuntu display settings worked fine for me! thanks.