Anyone given any thought to creating cool input modules?

More and more people are putting their patch performance videos online, and though the music may be great, trying to find what module the user is currently modifying needs a magnifying glass and viewing the performance becomes a less than satisfying experience.

There are some good looking hardware input devices and I’m wondering if any devs have given thought to creating similar devices as modules? I know that there are a couple of large Knobs and buttons already, but there could be so much more.

For example, have a UI that is a rubber band between two posts, use the mouse to drag it back and let go. The oscillations produced could create CV values that are routed to a module’s cv input. The length of the drag back determines the amplitude of the oscillation and decay length. Or, make use of the keyboard: use the QWER keys to act as momentary controllers to raise the levels of four knobs. Releasing the keys reduces the level. Rate and shape can be set on the module. Or, have patch cables, that control CV, light up as levels are increased so you can see what module controls are being affected.

I’m sure control modules such as these would enhance the performance for both the viewer and performer.

I wish I was a C++ programmer to put some of these ideas into practice, but sadly C# is my limitation, so I leave the ball with you.

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I second your opinion that VCV benefits from such macro modules that control multiple mod sources, fx etc. There are nice modules like Vult Knobs or Digital Sequencer or XY Pads, but the interface options could be expanded.

@midiglitch I absolutely love to work on stuff like this, but I’m backlogged for a little while with other work. If I free up, I’ll let you know!