Anyone else have problems updating msys2?

For the last few days I’ve gotten errors like this:

pacman -Syuu

error: failed retrieving file ‘mingw32.db’ from : Connection timed out after 10010 milliseconds

I can ping, but I can’t ping

Anyone else?

Getting the same error here.

guess we wait for them to fix their servers, or pick different update hosts. Think I’ll keep waiting :wink:

Have not updated that in a good long while! Is there a reason for keeping it up to date?

I guess same as any OS? some people do, some don’t?

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i ve changed the mirror used :

in /etc/pacman.d/ , change the order of mirrors for each architecure

i chose the yandex one :slight_smile: won’t even let me download the installer. It just times out.

here you can have the installer

If it ain’t broke… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We could go back and forth all year trying to get the last word I guess. The only objective thing would be - what version of mingw does the plugin manager use to build plugins? Whatever that is, we better be compatible with it.

Related issue and temporary workaround by switching mirrors:

You are right but I fail to see how the last word is relevant to discussions (arguments perhaps), btw that was my second response to the topic.

I do not know which version of mingw is used to build myself, I am not aware of this information being mentioned anywhere and it does not make much sense, to me anyway, to guess by keeping up to date either.

If we have an underlining issue here I guess we could take it to PM in avoidance of future off topic discussions and to reinforce more engaging discussions.