Anybody working with more than stereo speakers?

I’ve found some ways to work in VCV Rack to produce quadrophonic audio and I am enjoying the results, but everything is not ideal.

What kinds of things would improve the experience for producing audio for more than 2 stereo speakers?

I talked a little bit about how I was using multichannel audio in the following posts.

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You could explain what is not ideal for you to have meaningful replies on this! Without more info I can only shamelessly plug my module ATOMS that (when set to mixer mode) can be used as a spatial mixer with up to 8 outputs, useful if you have your speakers arranged on a circle and you want visual feedback on where the inputs are going.

I didn’t want to make this a thread about my own issues, rather I am interested to know what experiences other people have had. If things start to annoy me enough, I could always start coding new suitable modules myself… :grinning:

4.1 setup here. I’d like to see a quad version of MindMeld MixMaster. Stoermelder Arena looks promising.