Anybody used Roland MX1 with External Mixing Mode with VCVRack?

I’m looking for something to use as an audio interface and/or mixer with VCVRack, and think the MX1 could solve both when used with this external mixing mode:

Does anybody have any experience, or have any other hardware to act as an audio interface, especially with the intention of using VCVrack for live performance.

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I don’t know anything about the Roland…

When it comes to interfaces, the first question is DC Coupled or not, if you want to send CV back and forth to eurorack hardware then ES-9 is probably your best bet. If not and you just want audio then Pretty much any interface will do.

For hands on live mixing I would go for MixMaster with a MIDI controller or two. The ability to program fades and mutes is very useful for live performance as are the built in filters on every track. Midi fighter twister is awesome and rugged - 16 rotary encoders with LED feedback (when used with midi-cat). There are 4 pages/banks and each encoder can control two things (as encoder is also a button - this means you have 128 separate controls. It’s particularly good for controlling aux sends from MixMaster and things like filter cutoffs etc.

You can control faders and pan with it too but I’m considering getting another controller for that with motorized faders. Behringer X-touch compact or Icon Platform M plus maybe.

This is a VCV focused solution though - if VCV is only a part of what you are doing and you want to mix in other hardware etc live, then the Roland could be the answer.

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