Anybody tried live bpm tap tempo

Im wondering if any of you pioneers out there have built a successful setup to keep things in sync with live musicians.

A foot pedal tap tempo would be amazing.

Is this sort of thing feasable? Useable?


Depending on what controller you have (maybe your computer keyboard), should be simple to set up and try it to see if it works for you.

So, I did something like this recently in a performance with live instruments where I had to catch their tempo (and sometimes adjust it). I used a button on my Launchkey 25, but you could use a foot controller or whatever. I connected the midi controller button to Count Modulat G>T (so I didn’t get a “clock” signal for on and off pressing the button–you may not need that) and then put the Start output into the “CLK IN” of NYSTHI Clock Mult Div. IDK if the screenshot below will post. It took a little practice on my part but it ultimately worked great. There might be easier/better ways…


Were you tapping the whole set?

It seems this works wonderfully minus when you stop tapping and then go to change tempo

I ran the clock to voices that needed it…if that’s what you mean–I just deleted those cables to make it visibly easier to see. I guess I had about 8 cables running out of the CLK OUT 1.

oh–also–when the NYSTHI module has a stable clock in the green light “clock valid” at the top comes on. It took a little practice as I wasn’t always so good at pressing the button with precision.

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I think it’s easier than persuade the other buddies to use a click/metronome LOL

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