Any tips on using VCV2 as a modulator or sequencer in my DAW?

I’m using Ableton Live I’m wondering if i can output CC& midi to create some complex midi sequencers or controllers.

So far i managed LFO to CC MW.

I want to take advantage of vsv as a sequencer for my DAW anyone have success with this?

U can midi out sequences and also u can send independent modulation out through m4l device

Omri to the rescue!

I cant find the device now look it here somewhere but there is m4l devicr u can send up to 7-8 cvs out of vcv vst and map it in your daw. Try to find it here somewhere im not home atm

About 23 mins in for sequencing from vcv to Ableton, specifically.

If you’ve got Suite, then use this M4L device:

Add the CV-MIDI CC module in VCV, then use this M4L module to assign the CCs to whatever you want to modulate in Ableton.

For other kinds of MIDI, just use the other VCV modules- Gate- MIDI and CV - MIDI. Assign the relevant track in Ableton to receive the MIDI from VCV, and there you go.


You can midi out sequence, process it via m4l devices and get it back into the same vcv rack instance to triggering drums like I did here - Made Drum Machine for VCV Rack VST with multiple outputs and MIDI processing by Ableton Live! - YouTube


This is all really great thank you.