Any tips on Squinky 4x4?

I’m interested in using Squinky Labs Seq4x4 without the Seq++. Although the manual is very well structured but is there a video available? Have Omri used it in any of his live patching?

As far as I know, no-one has every used 4X4. But, that aside, if you don’t use Seq++ to get notes into if there are only a few other ways:

  • loading a midi file into one of the 16 sequences.
  • Paste from a sequencer that supports the “standard” clipboard (Impromptu, Entrian, slime child).

I think that’s it. For more on interop clipboard, look here: SquinkyVCV/ at main · squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV · GitHub

Oh, and thanks for the compliment on the manual.

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The only way you could possibly know this, or even come close to knowing it, is if you know there is a bug and it hasn’t been reported. Considering how popular your modules are I think it’s extremely unlikely no one has ever used it.

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@Squinky At least, I gave it a try :sunglasses:

wow, you sound quite upset about this? Or course you are correct, and I do not actually know this. Lacking any analytics about what is used, I look at published patches as my proxy. If I see a module of mine used a lot I figure it’s pretty popular. If I see it never, or very rarely, then I assume it’s not popular.

It’s a highly flawed analytic, but it’s what I got.

I have never seen a video with 4X4 in it that I can remember.

I’m not upset at all, I just don’t think you should put yourself down like that.

extremely worked up? read that back. “the only way you could possibly…” “or even come close”… I don’t know - I sounds really angry to me.

Ok, sorry you feel that way. Sounds like logic to me.

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Us Northern Central Europeans tend to be much more direct than most other cultures around the world are used to, maybe that is where the different readings of this come from? At least I have learned to first ask if someone wants to hear what I really think, or if I should tone it down :wink: , at least if someone asks what I really think.

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