Any suggestions of a more interesting module here

I made a mini rack for generative music. Trying to keep it small. Any ideas for something to offer more capabilities? (Note I patched the osc A and B backwards to the gate module)

Mini Rack Experimental.vcv (2.6 KB)


Please may you share the patch file here?


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Nice sound!

You could put an LFO into time cv of polydelay.

Yep, that module goes nuts when you modulate it! I noticed it’s just using stereo ins and outs, so my suggestion would be to make it polyphonic, then use a stereo spreader module to go into Plataeu. I’m not familiar with all of the modules in the patch, so it may be necessary to swap some out to make it capable of polyphony. It’s a great trick to get a bigger sound out of relatively few modules.

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