Any sign of AAX?..

Evening folks… Is there any rough ETA of when we might expect a pro tools version at all yet?.. Thank,

I’d also love an AAX version… but my hopes aren’t particularly high as Avid has a developer pay wall for AAX.

Last time I tried Bluecat to run VST in AAX, and that didn’t work either… But YMMV as was testing on an M1 Mac (where a lot of stuff is still not officially supported).

Hey… Ah, yeah, but a lot of cheaper plugin companies manage it…when vcv2 was announced they did say other formats were on the way…

I have been running it with blue cat, but can’t seem to get the clocking working right with it…

When they said “other formats” of course the main one was AU. There are a bunch of plugin formats out there. I, too, would be astounded if VCV supported AAX. And they certainly have never said that they would.

Yes, I think that statement proves me wrong. I’ll bet you $100 that VCV never supports AAX - how about that?

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I’ll pass on that.

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