Any sampler module that provides time warping?

Time warping/stratching and pitch shifting are provided by several DAWs. The best solutions use proprietary code, like elastique pro, ZTX, Rubber Band, etc. so I’m not expecting to find an open source module.

Digging into the library and forums I couldn’t find anything. Did I miss it or it is really missing?

if you just want to timestretch and do a bit pitch shifting,
I would use the PaulXStretch vst in the VCV-host module

I haven’t used it much, but I think PaulXStretch is is not the right tool to adapt a sample to a certain BPM while preserving its sonic qualities.

It’s more on the side of granular delays.

Have try Clouds module? it have that feature

I haven’t tried using Clouds for this purpose, but it’s still a granular effect. What I’m seeking for is a sampler with time stretching. I fear it doesn’t exist

Clouds not only granular, it have other modes : like pitch-shifting and time stretching

If you want to keep the pitch and change the BPM, or keep the BPM and change the pitch, there is no module that can do that right now.

Ircam TS in Host?

Not sure what elastique pro, ZTX, Rubber Band, etc can or cannot do. But Tonecarver Blur might get you a long way?

Using a combination of

  • Freeze (to freeze the max 20 seconds buffer)
  • Pitch (to change the pitch, quantized or free)
  • Position (to scan through the buffer at the right speed, for which you could use a phasor, e.g. an LFO running a Saw)
  • Blur (to smear out frames if needed)

I don’t think so, but Voxglitch comes to mind:

It is granular, but if you load a sample and scan through it with a ramp it should work as you want. I’m not at Rack now, so can’t test it.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I will try those modules, although I suspect they won’t provide the time warp quality of dedicated VSTs (like the mentioned IRCAM TS2).

Those plugins implement algorithms to preserve the tonal quality, or transients for percussive sounds, etc. Generally you can select which algorithm to employ dependending on the sound material.

Unfortunately I experience high CPU usage when I host plugins inside the host module, so I avoid them as much as possible since I don’t have a very powerful computer.

Just adding Panther Cap to the list of modules to test

Maybe one day we will have an open source module for Rubber Band, who knows :slight_smile:

It’s good stuff, but granular is not the same as what every DAW has… .

I was mentioning DAWs because it’s a tool that many know from DAWs. BTW those time warping algorithms are also used in many other contexts, outside DAWs, wherever the manipulation of time and pitch without sonic artifacts make sense…

yes, I know that.

Sometimes ago I thougt about building a module based on the RubberBand library. Beyond no having time to do it, the RubberBand library is GPL 2 only.

Yes, it should be released open source. I don’t think I have the skills and time, but it would be a nice project.