Any Rings clones?

Besides the awesome Audible Instruments modules, I’ve seen a few Plaits and Clouds clones (e.g., Surge XT) but none for Rings. Are there any I’ve missed?

Source code is available: eurorack/rings at master · pichenettes/eurorack · GitHub

Maybe there is a reason Rings is harder to port?

but more … I don’t know.

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There was/is this one but it is not officially ported to V2. But you can look for it…

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Rings is digital so Audible Instruments resonator should be a perfect copy? Is there a reason you aren’t counting this?

If you’re looking for other resonators, @cosinekitty’s VCV Library - Sapphire Elastika is awesome.


Yeah Elastika is great, but this has been asked before - try the search function. There’s a thread here asking the same thing:

I also asked the Surge team if they would consider a poly Rings port, but there are no plans for it at the moment:

I’m not a dev, but seeing as the code is open source and I don’t think polyphony is too hard to implement, it should be fairly easy. Any takers?

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I mean, I just want 16 channels of Rings into 16 channels of Clouds. That’s not unreasonable is it? :wink:

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The problem is that you can’t redistribute it in the library without making your own panels and branding.

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Ah, I suppose that’s an issue. I’ll offer to help despite not having a clue what I’m doing, I just really think it needs doing!