Any resources similar to Hora's Geco for making modules for VCV Rack 2?

I’ve had a couple random module ideas but have absolutely 0 coding experience. is there a 2.0 resource like geco that might help bridge some gaps and let me begin to attempt some module dev?

If not how much is involved in using geco to make modules and then update for 2.0 compatibility?

Thanks for any advice.

I only found some old announcement about Geco with the links all broken, so I’m making a lot of assumptions.

Assuming Geco generates source for a 1.0 module and hasn’t been updated to 2.0, see: Migrating v1 Plugins to v2 - VCV Rack Manual. The opening paragraph includes:

This means that 90% of plugins will only require a version update and a recompile (a 1-line edit, 15 seconds of work).

This version update consists of changing the leading 1 to 2 in the plugin.json version string.

I actually think geco might be .6. not entirely sure w/o looking

Well…there’s Faust…
Functional Programming Language for Real Time Signal Processing

There is a huge amount of information on Faust available. But here’s a Quick Start

There are various (free) online Faust tools (with examples/demo code/projects and realtime audio).

From these (online) tools, you can Export a Faust project to many other formats, including VCV Rack (mony and poly).

Or use the faust2vcvrack tool


I have never tried to actually get to a working VCV Rack Plugin this way.

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Thanks for all of these suggestions. I’ll have to do some research now :slight_smile:

Does this require max?

From the screen shot, it looks like gen-rack is Max. The others aren’t related to Max.

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yes. gen~ is a part of max.

( from the github gen-rack “getting started”)

  • Inputs are processed at audio rate and have no knobs on the resulting VCV Rack interface.
  • Params are processed at block rate and have both knobs and CV input on the VCV Rack interface.

If you expect modules with more than input/output jacks and param knobs, you may be disappointed.

Would be nice if Cycling’74 could find time to give some examples. AFAIK RNBO didn’t add anything relevant to VCV (?).

There was a bit at the launch, but we haven’t seen anything after that i think.

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If you consider getting into coding some modules, perhaps get this book.

It was written before rack 2, but the accompanying sourcecode has been updated by the author.


I tried to make a quick Rack plugin with Faust. I was not impressed and would not recommend it.

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