Any other sampler like Radio Music, which is glitching for me?

Subject line says it all. For some reason, Radio Music puts out garbage on it’s output occasionally.

I want a sampler that will turn a directory full of wavs into a giant multisample. I think there’s something like Radio Music that works that way, but I don’t remember what.

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Does that one have anti pop when you switch?

Clicks & Pops are my primary aesthetic

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It’s always you (shaking my fist)!

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Perhaps the Lomas Sampler? I like that it displays the actual waveform.

Unlike the others, you load a sample (not a folder), but then you can screen the folder that sample is placed in with the Sample knob.

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I’m your biggest fan you know.

I wasn’t really shaking my fist :wink:

What exactly is the problem you have with Radio Music? Can you provide a detailed bug report? Thanks.

Yes. You can enable/disable a small crossfade when switching samples/sample positions.

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I tried Radio Music in several patches. Then it would play several sample & then make hideous noise.

I need more information than that. What kind of samples did you use? Any exotic sample formats?

No, I don’t think so. It was all short sounds, generated by a script that grabs fragments of YouTube videos.