Any new audio source I add is very quiet

Hi, I am going a bit crazy here. so i have ran into this issue where any new audio source i add is very quiet. like i have to turn up the computer volume to 100 just to barely hear it. I can load an old patch and all of the audio sources play at normal volume but i cannot add anything new without it being incredibly quiet compared to everything else. If i start from a new patch everything is this quiet. This happens in VCV rack V1 as well as V2.

Everything was working fine on April 4th, i have a patch i made saved from then. I was on windows 10 and it updated on April 5th. I believe that’s when this issue started occuring. I tried uninstalling this update but each time i would go to restart it would install it again. Then it just gave me an error message about being unable to uninstall it when i tried.

So then i tried going over to a linux partition i have on this same computer and the same exact issue was going on over there too! I am totally at a loss here for what to do or even what to look up. I can’t find anything about this inexplicable issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I would love to get back to having fun with this instead of failing at troubleshooting computer stuff.

Hi. Could you check if Racks engine sample rate is set to the same as your audio device. Try not to go below 44.1k.

What do you mean by “Audio source”, exactly? What module are you using? Do you have a Audio interface, and which one? What operating system are you on?