Any expert percussionists in the house?

Marc and I (MindMeld) are working on a new module and we would appreciate the assistance of a skilled percussionist who also happens to be a RackHead. Ideally someone with an intimate knowledge of Cuban/African/Indian rhythms and the like, although we would also be interested in hearing from good drummers.

If that sounds like you and you would like to get involved, please PM me for more info. Please include Youtube links or other evidence of your percussion skills in your message. We can’t offer any payment, but we can offer… something :slight_smile:


afaik @Omri_Cohen was once a drummer


I’m not a drummer nor a professional musician, but I would take as a possible quick reference for an “African percussion-oriented” module the sounds/capabilities of the “World: West Africa” Kontakt plugin.

It has great sounds and ready-made patterns/ensembles that can be easily modified.

Perhaps you can also grab both sounds and patterns from it (I don’t remember the license terms for using the plugins to generate content for other products)

My version of Komplete also have “World: India” plugin, but I never installed/used it.

Can’t wait to get my hands on your module!!!


Thanks Marzio

Our module is not a dedicated percussion module per se, but it definitely has some interesting percussive capabilities we want to explore :slight_smile:

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I am an expert chess player; I knuhow this because the term is quantified by rating. Otherwise, I have a really hard time claiming expertise in anything. However, I am a trained jazz musician and arranger, and for years I studied, played and composed Afro-Cuban and Latin music, West Indian music, Indian rag (which better musicians than I have devoted lifetimes to, never to master), as well their antecedentes, and some other types of music whose defining characteristics are their rhythms.

Please let me know if I can offer any help.

Sincerely J

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Hello is this new Module the Shapemaster or is there another new secret module you two are conspiring on?

It was ShapeMaster - that’s it from us for a while!

So why was the percussionist necessary then? Confused!? Thanks

I’m a drummer, but a functional one rather than a good one. I am interested in Latin and African styles. Unfortunately here I mostly get asked to play medium swing and bossa. Got to keep the customer satisfied. While I am not the one you’re looking for, I will be very interested in your module.

It’s a good question!

What I was really after was a ‘drawer of groovy shapes’. The kind of shapes you see in the MindMeld Drums > Noise Grooves presets, or the Grooves presets from Circadian Sounds, Jakub and Eurikon - just moooore of them. The Gatekeeper VST has hundreds of amazing groovy shapes included and I was really looking for someone who could make some presets along those lines (but not the same of course).

However asking for a ‘drawer of groovy shapes’ might have been a bit weird before people knew that ShapeMaster existed and would have probably led to questions I didn’t want to answer in public at that stage… so I asked for percussionists as they would most likely have an understanding of grooves and I could tell them more once they were sworn to secrecy.

While the search initially looked promising, unfortunately it didn’t get anywhere in the end.

Now that ShapeMaster is out, I can say that we would still be interested to hear from drawers of original groovy shapes, so if you fancy yourself as a groovy shape drawer, and would like to see your groovy shapes included in the Community Presets/Shapes section of ShapeMaster, please get in touch! :slight_smile:

This is the kind of thing I was looking for:


So what are these drums-groove presets not come across them in MindMeld mixers? So you are looking for a shaper of grooves, is the pay good for that sort of thing :rofl: Thanks for clarifying the conunDRUM! I have bought the ShapeMaster on the basis of Omri’s video, so I could have a go, how would I save/load them on the ShapeMaster?

The bad news: The pay is awful - non-existent even! We can only offer: *** Your name in lights *** in the community presets/shapes menus.

The good news: Saving user presets and shapes is easy! just draw the shape and select “Save user preset” and/or “Save user Shape” in the presets and shapes menus. They will then appear in your user presets/shapes. Those user preset/shape files are then stored in the MindMeldModular folder which is in the Rack folder (not in the plugins-v1 folder).

Well if my name is gonna be ‘In lights’ then, how could I refuse. So what sound sources would work best for the settings? Still not sure what the ‘MindMeld Drum grooves’ are though, just a curious fellow I guess.

The idea is to impose a rhythm on an otherwise constant sound so drones, pads and plain old noise work well to play with.

The MindMeld Drum grooves are here:

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Ok so here’s come ‘eternal fame’ or I fall on my bottom, we shall see what mayhem I can perform on said sounds, so the aim is to get musicality from the non musical? Does it work on samplers/samples; I seem to be creating more noise and drones these days, even when I’m not trying to!