Any devs working on a Multi-Stage Envelope Generator?

Please say yes! :pray::pleading_face: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

I have many feature suggestions (after 15 years of using just about every MSEG in existence). If you are I’d love to know. If you’d rather not make it public, PM me.

After two days of trying to create, export and edit CV audio files (in many different applications) for use in VCV as mod sources, I’ve concluded the results are :poop: and given up. There’s a giant hole in VCV Rack where a (fully featured) MSEG needs to be :scream:


Is the mscHack Envy 9 what you’re looking for? I guess not, judging by what you say, but I’m curious to know what features it’s lacking.


JW X-Y pad and nysthi::vector mixer (with keyframes) are both multistage Env (bidimensional too… )

You can also use a VST like GateKeeper

@Richie The pics below show what I’m looking for. ENVY can’t do complicated curves of any significant length.

@synthi Vector Mixer is an awesome module; I’m constantly thinking of ways to use it. I understand how it could be done but it’d be incredibly laborious. it’s no substitute for an MSEG.

@PaulPiko If you’re using GateKeeper in VCV it’s not possible to get the signal out of VCV Host is it? (Have I overlooked that?)
I’ve tried quite a few methods of converting automation and envelopes from DAWs and plugins like Gatekeeper to CV e.g. Live, Reaktor, Bitwig etc. The result is far from acceptable i.e. horrible waveform stepping which requires excessive smoothing which ruins the waveform.


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I used GateKeeper in this patch

@PaulPiko Thanks Paul :slightly_smiling_face: but I’m looking to modulate VCV Rack Parameters, not just amp, pan, filter etc. I understand GateKeeper inside Host is limited to only modulating itself.

would it work if you send a constant voltage through gatekeeper instead of audio?
I don’t have Gatekeeper but I might try this with A1TriggerGate (freeware) or something… nice idea actually :slight_smile:

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Dammit y’know that’s something I didn’t try :rofl: yet…

So you’re not after something like this?


@PaulPiko, @Schabbes That’s what I’m after! :star_struck: I was imagining using Gatekeeper as a signal generator somehow. Totally overlooked the simple solution of processing a CV signal with it :relaxed: :laughing:
Of course a native MSEG would be much nicer and easier to manage in complicated setups. I think I’ve got too many plugins already :dizzy_face:

FWIW I’ll post soon with feature suggestions. Thanks for your help.

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DHE have modules that you can do this with:

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Those chainable modules from DHE

A nice video by @Omri_Cohen about them:


Cheers, Denis! Yeah, those are beautiful… You can create anything and everything with those.

I agree that a graphical MSEG in VCV Rack would make for a great module. I’m envisioning something where you’d edit points/curves like Zebra or the Cableguys plugins (haven’t used Gatekeeper - but that seems about right too). It would be far and away from the “traditional Eurorack” approach most modules take, but a big part of the fun with VCV Rack is doing things you can’t otherwise do in hardware. I’d be all for it!

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I’m working on a graphical MSEG for VCV Rack. It’s part of a larger project, so I’m afraid it won’t be ready very soon, but here’s a taster:


(A couple of hours ago it only supported straight lines, then @dag2099 mentioned the DHE modules, which led me to Dino Dini’s “normalized tunable sigmoid function”, and wow, thank you to @dag2099, @dhemery, and Dino! That function is, as Dale says in his write-up, a beautiful thing!)


No idea about “MSEG” @Dyatohm, but there’s definitely a super powerful module that @synthi neglected to mention:


Check out Jim Aikin’s manual for it!

It’s great, but i think the poly version has a bug where all the signals in the poly cable other than the first one are not treated the same way. But, yes, the non-poly version is great, my main envelope. If i need something more intense I go for the above mentioned DHE modules.

You mean ?

Fixed in 1.0.2 (not sure of the release date)

I think my stage modules will soon be obsolete. I’m really looking forward to this!

People have asked me to add a graphical interface, but I haven’t had the energy to figure out how to do it.

Very nice!