Antonio Tuzzi's (aka synthi) 1997 Phoenix Synth is still Alive!

Good night Rackers!

Found and old post today by @synthi in this thread with a very appealing picture and a short text just saying “Phoenix 1997 on macos9”, followed by a post by @Vortico, who said “You had something to do with Phoenix, right? Were you the author?”.

Well, that was enough for me to stop reading and quickly search in the Net for this misterious “Phoenix”, and obviously i found it … here!

Says the Blog Master there (Monday, August 29, 2005) :

Interesting connection to Syd which I posted about earlier. Antonio Tuzzi, author of a software synthesizer named Phoenix developed in 1997 for the Mac, dropped by to post a comment on the Syd.

I think I’ve seen for the first time Syd in 1996. Was my inspiration: I wrote a couple of emails to Jim and after that I decided to write a virtual analog real time synth and by the 1997 I had Phoenix up and running on MacOS9. Phonenix is (was) a very powerful tool! It was used in couple of schools. If you have a powermac still running MACOS9… let me know the url contains a snapshot of Phoenix running

After some days of this comment, it seems that Antonio sent a copy of Phoenix to the Blog Master for him to post it in the Blog for whoever wants to download it (which i quickly made, of course! :crazy_face:)

"OK, i already have Phoenix, but how can i run it?" :thinking:

I knew already of “SheepShaver” and “BasiliskII” emulators as i used them in the past, and i knew that its installation was a little bit tedious … Fortunately another quick search in the Net lead me to this page where i found that someone created a self-contained MacOSX application (don’t worry, there’s a link for Windows users also there) with everything installed and ready to run! … So i downloaded, extracted the zip, copied the app to my Apps folder, run it, copied Phoenix folder into it … and there we go!

NOTE: I have recorded some audios (as you can see in the screenshots below) to upload them here for you to hear how it sounds … Unfortunately the forum do not allow us to upload sound files :sob:, so tomorrow (now it’s too late), i’ll see if i can upload them somewhere else and put the links here.

Here you have some screenshots of Phoenix (Modular) Synth running on my system (OS X 10.13.6)

A wonderful software for the time (1997) @synthi, and thanks a lot for sharing it! Respect! :pray: :clap:





I had better UI skills at the time ! :smiley:


btw there are modules I never ported to RACK like the “room delay” or the binaural filter

the FileOscillator is the Complex SImpler Grand Grand Father
and the Table VCO for the 7seas
very good time! I was doing audio and getting a salary for it …


Reminds me a little of the Atari Falcon days… really looking forward for those sound uploads you’re talking about! Make sure to put it in Wav so we all can celebrate it in our Digitakts and what now… Mess around with it to even keep it more alive… please! What a library!

Waiting… :wink:

Hi @spacetraffic et Al,

Finally found a free site to upload the audios (i don’t have dropbox or things like that), so here we go (the download link is under the social networks icons):

Let me know if you had any problem, and/or if the lengh is OK for you to use as samples (otherwise i will make lenghty recordings).

Also please note that this are recordings of some of the examples that @synthi put in the Phoenix package that he sent to the Blog, so they are not my own (personaly i think that if i need time to do something decent with VCV Rack, with Phoenix you can multiply that time at least for two :crazy_face:)

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Will grab them tomorrow and transfer them to the Digitakt! Definitely useable stuff there, awesome! I’ll let you know when I have a result to share, ok? Thanks!!