Anti-virus complains VCV is malware


I’m getting anti-virus messages about infection with malware.

I suspect that this is false positive and I could just override the anti-virus software but I don’t like making these sort of exceptions for fear of screwing the whole system. These days I keep my PC pretty clean.

Has anyone any thoughts/advise on this?



I downloaded and installed RackFree-2.1.2-win on my Windows 10 laptop. On running vcv rack my AVG anti-virus software complained it was trying to write to a file in the rack2 subfolder of my documents folder. This didn’t look serious, (it was just a log file) but I told AVG to deny access and it installed anyway. The software then worked.

I tried to add a plugin and after restarting I got a AVG message saying it was infected with IDP.Generic. I googled IDP.Generic and this may well be just a false positive. It seems a lot of game software which use audio etc get this AVG message too.

However, as this was associated with ransomware I aborted there.

You can trust VCV and all the plugins. I don’t think the VCV team would allow a plugin into the library which is a threat. In my opinion, well actually what I’ve learned from others on this forum, is that Antivirus software does actually more harm than good, and Windows defender is actually all you need. It works well for me, but it’s up to you. If there was a plugin that is malware, trust me, it would have been reported by now. Unless its brand new.


Does VCV having any anti-malware screening in place as far as library building and distribution of Rack code as well as plugins code? I’ve asked a couple of times before but I have never gotten an answer.

As an alternate perspective, I always run Malwarebytes and Defender for Windows and have never had either cause any problems. I prefer to err on the side of caution having come from a background of network and computer security along with systems engineering and professional systems development.

By the way, I also never install plugin builds from outside of the library for the same reason, unless I have an extraordinary level of trust of the developer, which is virtually never. But then, I can’t run some very popular plugins that have not made it to the library.


I would assume that they have anti- malware screening in place, it makes sense, but that is only an assumption. Yes I forgot about Malwarebytes. That is definitely the exception to my anti-anti virus viewpoint.

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I feel the same way about this.

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Thanks people.