Another way to have the computer keyboard be an input

Hello dear community, I a not a pianist, and the letters being used a piano keys, though a nice idea, can be used in another way. Tonnetz paper is a geometrical arrangement that correspond more to letter arrangement on a keyboard, and has the advantage of coherence, meanig note/letters that are close sound good together. I was wondering how I could create a plugin that would take as input most of computer’s keyboard input and transform it into CV. I hope this little convienience will spark you interest.


The MIDI->CV device is open source, and you can modify it any way you like.

Right now the MIDI->CV has a few different input types - system MIDI (i.e. Windows MIDI on my computer), Bridge, Computer Keyboard, and Gamepad.

I imagine you could hack it to have another input type, that’s Computer Keyboard but with Tonnetz mapping. Have a look at


If you can come up with an appropriate name and reasonable list of key -> MIDI note mappings, post a feature request to Rack’s issue tracker.