Another try to make a song from J.M. Jarre

This time I tried the song Equinox part 5

Equinox5.vcv (96.5 KB)


Nicely done. I like the old Jarre. I’m just wondering how you got this song on YT. (copywrite). I have often tried to cover a song and post it on YT…Unfortunately without success.

Maybe because it is unlisted, or doesn’t have many views yet?

It is a cool cover of the original!!!

It is listed and actually it has nothing to do with that. During the upload process at YT, they will find out that you are breaking the copy write rules. And you have no way of changing that. Or maybe I do something wrong.

You can post copyright musical material, they won’t block you or ban you for it you just won’t be able to monetise it.

Typically that is true. There are a few artists that don’t allow covers of their material, and videos containing such material must be taken down or edit the material out. But that is not the norm.


Never come across that but I guess it must happen. AFAIK YouTube has some kind of reciprocal agreement with music copyright and publishing companies that sites like Soundcloud don’t that means they just pass on money to songwriters. Either way I have not heard of anyone getting banned from YT over it.

That’s what I mean, Jarre is the kind of artist who forbids the use of his material. I tried to post 2 cover songs by Jarre on YT, and both songs won’t upload. In the upload process I already got a message that it has copy write. The only thing I could do was to replace or remove the audio material. That’s why I was surprised that geerts1955 was able to do it.

Damn, that is a shame.

Actually YouTube has a copyright strike policy - three strikes and you can be banned for life.

I don’t know how often this actually happens, but it is there.

Thankfully most copyright violations are picked up before posting, and you can remove the offending material before it causes any problem. Or the copyright holder allows the post, but you lose monetization.

Live streaming has the most risk, especially if you don’t have control over the content (live open mics for example). If you are unlucky enough to have a live stream participant that plays content from one of those bands that don’t allow posting of any content, then it can lead to a strike.

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Because I can’t post on YT, I took the effort to upload one of my Jarre songs into the forum. Including a sample of a laughing girl, a video and of course the patch itself. For a good flow, put the “girl laugh” sample in the voxglitch looper. And for those who don’t know, choose the right audio driver. And then click on start. Have fun with Oxzilla You can download it here. - Google Drive?