Another Stupid Squinky Harmony/Arpeggiator Trick

I’m interested in feed back (@Squinky in particular) for this track. In particular suggestions for making it a bit more melodic and musical.

Instead of brute-forcing it (with 5 Harmonies and 8 AS Signal Delays I use the Squinktronix Arpeggiator to generate 5 voices of arpeggiator, spread over time with a smaller number of Signal delays.

To be honest, the other way I’ve leveraged multiple Harmonies sounds more like actual music than this does. But I reckon there’s some combination here that would be more musical than this is, since it’s just a proof of concept.

I’m also foggy about the difference between clock and gate on the Arpeggiator. Not that I’ve read the manual or anything.

2024-03-22.vcv (19.3 KB)

Iirc, the clock is a global input, and is monophonic. The gate output is polyphonic, and only one channel at a time will follow the clock. I.e. one note at a time will have gate high.

one note at a time will have gate high.

That makes sense. On the other hand there’s how I do and just bash in CV and gates until something comes out at the end. I was intrigued by the way it steps through chord inversions, and wondered “what if I had a bunch of Harmony and Arpeggiators? What would that sound like?”

I’ll have to think about ways to make it sound a bit less jackhammer relentless. That’s why I was using 1P clock dividers to change up the the clocks on the various arpeggiators. Thin out the triggers. And thinned out triggers give you rhythm!

yeah, arpeggiators want to sound like jackhammers, for sure. Takes skill and cleverness to get away from that!