Another plug for my repo of free stuff

A lot of this stuff us pretty old, but some of it may be useful. Also, some ppl have seen the old old stuff, but not the merely old stuff. There are a lot papers, and a lot of working examples of simple VCV modules. There were always a bunch of VCO examples, but now there is an example of how to make an oversampling clipper. None of it is profound, but it is brutally simple, using only code or simple VCV utilities.

Here is the TOC:

The repo is here: GitHub - squinkylabs/Demo: A collection of code and articles of interest to VCV users and developers.


Nice! Thank you for all of those.

In the article about VCV-Host delay, it’s probably worth pointing out that you can halve the delay by switching off the worker thread via the context menu. That will have an effect on CPU usage (rather unpredictably, dependent on which VST you’re using).

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Oh, interesting! I have to confess it’s been pretty long since I updated that stuff, but there are a few things crying out for update.