Another new patch : GRACCHIANT 2023

In 2019, if I recall it correctly, NYSTHI (aka @synthi ) posted an incredibly funny patch called GRACCHIANT. It was incredibly funny, basically it was a patch making fart noises. I was inspired by that (by the patch, not by the farts) and so, after five years, this is my absolutely humble tribute to that: GRACCHIANT 2023.

PS I think there are some artefacts in my patch: you can hear a lot of popping and crackling noises that are not supposed to be heard. Any suggestions about how to get rid of them is 112% welcome! Enjoy!


I guess I will put it here: GRACCHIANT 2023 - SECOND BATCH

This time I tried a different recipe.

And this time it seems a good one! No unwanted cracklings, no unwanted artefacts.

Just Noise Muzak!

I am pretty sure Gracchiant 2023 – Second Batch is a recipe I will use often in the future, there are a lot of variations I can foresee!


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At the start, your video title mentions “SECOND BATCH”.

Is it a typo? (I guess… SECOND PATCH, instead… I’m right?).

Hello there!!

No typo! Batch it is! :wink: Where for batch I mean the amount of something produced at one baking! Since I also used the word “recipe” (heavily inspired by the Suzanne Ciani’s Buchla Cookbook)…

Cookbook… Recipe… Batch… :laughing:

ALSO: by no reasons at all I am comparing myself to miss Ciani. I just thought it was a good pun. :sweat_smile:

Hello, okay, sorry for my error. :wink: (it was to “help”, nothing else). o7

Suzanne Ciani was the female voice of Bally Xenon pinball machine (my favorite pinball machine during 80s when I was student).

No worries at all! :wink:

Suzanne Ciani was the female voice of Bally Xenon pinball machine

NO WAY!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: To think I had a crush on her when I (and she) was younger!!! That pinball machine is… HAHAHA! Better not speak my mind, I risk to be banned for good! :yum: