Another DK sequencer question

Hi all, I have just joined the wonderful world of VCV and I’m enjoying exploring and making music. I have installed DK drum sequencer and got it basically working. However I don’t get how to change patterns by using the pattern input. I have entered a few patterns which I can change manually, but if I connect to the pattern input and send gate from another sequencer or controller I can only get patterns 1 or 16, not patterns 2,3,4 etc. What do I need to send to the pattern input to change to these patterns?

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Please make sure that the “Cycle” mode is not lit, otherwise it’s going to change patterns at the end of the pattern.

The pattern selection input CV expects anywhere from 0 to 10 volts, and adjusts the current pattern selection, where each pattern is 0.625 volts (16 patterns / 10 volts).

The program selection input CV works the same way, but at a program level.

You can see how it behaves by connecting a voltage source that you can set manually, and see how it changes (I connected Charred Desert CV, but there are plenty you can connect and use).

I am happy to post a video if this doesn’t make sense to you.

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I’ve set it up like that to circle through a sequence triggered by a differend sequencer. If you rebuilt it, you’ll notice that “Cycle” is switched off every now and then, next time it is switched back on, the next sequence in the program is starting.

I’m not sure if that is what you meant, or if you want to count up all the 16 sequences you’ve programmed into dk.

If you want to see what the cv-input does, you can attach an LFO on a really slow rate. Chose a sine to see how it cycles up and down. A clock only gives no or total cv, that’s the reason for jumping between 1 and 16.

Hello and welcome… You should definitely put a VCV Scope in Rack and connect signals to it to visualise what signals are doing. This will give you a better understanding of Modular signals.

You can find more info in this topic…


Thanks for all the quick and helpful replies, I’ll work through them over the next couple of days. I may be back with more questions! :thinking: