Announcing Unfiltered Audio Volume 2

Yeah absolutely. Omri requested the same. When we made the 0.6 modules, there wasn’t the ability to do that, so it just wasn’t part of my mental workflow. Thankfully we have all of these print scaling functions written already for our other plugins.


Hi, I got these modules tonight. Just want to say what a joy to tinker around with. One of those ‘i didn’t know I wanted this’ modules… so thank you.

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Hey, much appreciated!

Just found these modules… so fantastic! Will they be ported to VCV 2? Any plans for more modules? I’d love to use the mix tool from LION inside of VCV.

Yep! I have all the v2 builds ready to go. We’ll make more modules eventually, as I love making them.

EDIT: I should add that Fusion from the v1 bundle does a lot of what the LION mixer does. You’ll need to add a crossfader to move between the Min/Max or Analog/Digital ring modulator algorithms.


Best news of today. :slight_smile:

Great tip! Thank you, I will try Fusion.

Any plans for some anti-aliasing in the distortion plugins? Or any ideas on how to minimize it?

I couldn’t resist. And it’s true!