Android tablet and TouchOsc

Hello again, I have come to pester you all again! This time it is about using an Android Tablet with TouchOsc software. How do I go about linking that with VCV Rack on Windows1O HP Laptop. I have downloaded the TouchOsc Bridge and Editor software onto my Laptop, [I am awaiting delivery of the Tablet]. Has anyone set up such a combination for these devices before, any advice on how to go about doing this would be much appreciated. I have seen in other posts, that Stoermelder’s MIDI-CAT in VCV Rack will pick up the TouchOsc as a MIDI controller.

Once you have your tablet set up it should show up in VCV as a midi source just like any other midi controller would.

Every Midi-Input and -Output Device in VCV will connect to TouchOSC Bridge. I am using the 23Volts Modules, they are very easy to map and they have a polyphonic output in case you want to modify (offset /scale) the CV.

Few more tips:

The editor is old, but working ok. Even if you enter the exact resolution of your tablet-screen it may not be using the whole screen area (I am using an IPad). But you can position the controls outside the area and that is working then…

I don’t use the output on the midi device in VCV (that way you could theoretically turn a knob in VCV and the value on your tablet will change as well), because that gave me a few stutters on the controls on my ipad.

Thank you Markus, so do you have to install TouchOSC on the tablet as well as my laptop for them both to talk to each other or just the Bridge? Good all the MIDI Modules will work with TouchOSC. Just trying get it all straight in my head for when the Tablet turns up on Saturday.

Yes, there is an app on the app-store (should be something around 5$). That will connect to the Bridge, it is a very easy setup. On your laptop only the bridge and the editor.

Thank you Naveen, much appreciated.

So that would be the TouchOsc app on Google Play or Amazon, that’s right? Thanks Markus.

Yes, that’s right.

I maybe back asking more questions on Saturday, hope that is ok?

Of course :upside_down_face: - I am here.

Thanks, much appreciated!

Here I go the TouchOSC Rar contains ‘layouts’, do these need to be extracted to a folder or does exe file sort those out? I have not received the tablet yet, it is still travelling around the North of England. So I have not downloaded the App yet.

Nothing to do with them. You can open those files within the editor, as long as the whole .rar is extracted to somewhere.

Thanks this could be a long series like Eastenders on the BBC! Thanks mate, I will extract them to somewhere useful and so the Editor can find them, Any suggestions, same folder as the Editor on Windows: Program Files[x86] that be ok?

Yep, that’s were mine are living.

Thanks Markus, the app is downloading now onto my tablet does it always take forever or am I impatient… says it’s checking info… I might be a space alien or summat!!!


And it’s still checking information… nasty piece of work me!!!

Which App? TouchOSC? That is strange. Normally an app should be installed within a minute or so. I would first check, that the tablet is up to date, that your android-account is working and so on. then check if some free apps are installing. And then retry TouchOSC.

It did say that Chrome or some guff was uploading, also Play Store but that has now appeared on the desktop…so who knows, might turn it all off and start again trying to load TouchOSC… terminal this waiting… It’s Google Play-download manager that’s loading!