Analyzer Comparisons - Difference in Amplitudes

Hi, I’m just tinkering with 3 plugins - the Mindmeld EQMaster and the 2 Bogaudio Analyzers. All 3 have a common source input from a sawtooth VCO at 261Hz. But the peak db in the Pre-mode for the EQMaster is +12db while the 2 Bogaudios have just under 0db.

Why do I see a difference in dbs? Thanks.

If the signal goes down -12 dB, the MindMeld should show 0 dB, but it doesn’t. It shows 0 dB by going down -24 dB:

So that is a bug I should report to the Mindmeld team?

IMO I would do so?

OK, I’ll send a bug report.

Hi, It’s not a bug, it’s more a fact that the MindMeld module is first and foremost an EQ, and so the dB scale is for the EQ curve in the middle, not the spectrum analyzer. The spectrum display is secondary and is just there to show the effect of the EQing, but it does not have its own dedicated db scale.


Thanks Marc. Bug report cancelled :slight_smile:

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