An example of using multiple audio modules in VCV Rack 2

I’m already having lots of fun with this now stable possibility!

Audio 2 top right going out of the master analog stereo outs.
Audio 8 left top, 8 channels ADAT going to the analog console outboard and back to VCV as group inserts.
Audio 2 in the bottom left, serves as an input source coming from the browser playing what ever is streaming there.

Really great!


ha thats really cool.

This is very exciting. Can you please post that same image with cables semi-visible? I’m currently doing my research to figure out what hardware mixer/audio interface to get for my setup. VCV Rack will be at the heart of things and Mixmaster has been great for learning the concepts. Seeing the connections in an example like this is really helpful. Thanks!

Sure no problem, getting an upload error right now, will try again later.

Based on this commit I’m guessing that’s unintentionally working

I guess @Vortico could confirm.

CoreAudio is not ASIO

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Hi, my post isn’t about multiple ASIO devices.

It is about using multiple audio modules, and setting up specific channel configurations.

Which before was a headache, and usually resulting in range of channels being occupied due to VCV “claiming” those channels.

This is now a thing of the past, at least for me.

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I will use v2 studio edition both on linux and win10.

let’s say on linux I’m not afraid at the moment, how am I going to use the ssl2 AND the ES-9 simultaneously on windows? ok, I select asio on the first one…and on the second?