Ambient track: The Night Tide (Video in comments)

Hello everyone,

This is my latest ambient track, created with VCV Rack.

The project file is here too, if you’re interested.

TheNightTide.vcv (55.3 KB)

Paid modiules in this patch: VCV Console, Parametra and the 4:1 Sequential switch from the Octal Router pack (I think the rest are free). I’m not very tidy so there may be unused modules in there somewhere too.

Just hit Run on Clocked to get it started, some performance controls are on the bottom row.

For this track, I recorded out to Reaper using the SCM Audio 16 module and ReaRoute.
Once I had a take that I liked, I worked on gain, panning and EQ (ReaEQ) in Reaper and added Waves H-Comp (gently) and Waves J37 Tape Saturation (not so gently) on the master bus.

I then bounced that mix to a new session and used Izotope Neutron Elements and Ozone Elements in there, along with Voxengo Span and Youlean Loudness Meter to monitor and refine the sound, if refine is the right word.

I then slapped another instance of the Waves J37 tape saturator at the end of the chain, which sounded nice, I thought.

Hope someone enjoys it.

edit: forgot to mention that its free to download via soundcloud too.


Very droney. :slight_smile:

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Put together a wee video for it.

Vimeo’s encoding had a hard time with it but Youtube was way more destructive so… what can you do.

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