Ambient Modular Two compilation

Hello, here’s something to inspire us!

Not only VCV-related but also open to physical modular setups, the second Ambient Modular compilation is out, featuring the best selected and unreleased works from the corresponding Facebook group:

I’m happy to open the album with my VCV track MUCHUU - 夢中 and I’m sure that track 9 by @Omri_Cohen also features VCV rack :wink: Maybe there are more produced with our favorite system, feel free to comment if you’re the author of one of them :slight_smile:

Most importantly, I think that this is a very coherent and inspiring compilation with good production and variations, and it could hopefully inspire all of us.

Thank you and have a great day!


I can’t wait to give this a listen in darkness with my headphones… And yes, my track is also done in VCV :slight_smile:


I thought it was :wink:
I really enjoyed the compilation, all pieces fit very well together with good variation. David and his team have really done a great job!

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