Ambient album made in VCV

Hello, I recently made an Improvised Ambient/ Dark ambient album in VCV. Just messing around with turing modules as sequencers into effects and reverbs and a few different oscillators and tricks thrown in the mix.

Give it a listen if you want, I’m still learning so it’s not perfect.


Welcome. Purchased! The first track is really brilliant. Takes me somewhere that does. Looking forward to having a proper listen to the whole album later.

Thank you very much, sir! as I wrote I’m still trying to understand the world of modular and ambient music is really a format where I find modular to really shine, so I will continue to learn and experiment

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Une réussite :slightly_smiling_face:

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Merci Beaucoup!

Fantastic music. Keep learning and keep creating. You’re off to a great start and I’m excited to hear what you come out with next :slight_smile:Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! I will continue on my modular journey and keep creating and learning as I go. The world of modular is truly fascinating and a completely unique way of making music.

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Great work. Looking forward to hearing more.

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congratulations - i really like it - did you do it entirely in/with vcvrack or mixed with other instruments/plugins or maybe post processed in a daw?

best wishes - hexdump

Thank you! This was made entirely in vcv, no other instruments or post processing were involved. I even recorded it inside vcv. In the future I might try to experiment a bit more. I want to try processing field recordings with vcv and mix vcv with other synths.

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Cool, love the vibe and also the artwork.