Am the only one (.vcv file PC issues)


Am I the only guy who has to remember to type “.vcv” after a filename when I save it, otherwise it’s gone-zo?

I’m not complaining, it would be an awesome product at twice (or like, infinity times) the price, but is it a thing, or is it my computer(s)?

Thanks J

My PC doesn’t have that problem. I click “Save as…” and the Windows file dialog appears with “VCV Rack patch (.vcv)” selected at the bottom, and all my .vcv files visible. If I enter a filename with no extension (I tested with the single-character filename “1”) then it saves as “1.vcv”.

I’m afraid I don’t know what’s different about our PCs that would explain this.

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Just a guess. Is there a show file extensions option in explorer to would do this?

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Yes, as in screenshot below (Windows 10)

Warning: Image above contains subliminal suggestion that signing up to Omri’s patreon is a great idea

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Hey buddy buddy,

I don’t know what you mean, but it is the only program I have that doesn’t automatically do what @Richie 's pc does…

Probably cuz I made those atheist posts (this statement is a complete contradiction of itself, and should lead to deletion of both my account and person).

That setting is only cosmetic - it controls whether you see the file extensions in the list, but it doesn’t have any effect on what you type. On my PC with that option unchecked, the behaviour doesn’t change.

On my linux box, the extension ‘.vcv’ is automagically appended even if I don’t type it explicitely. Same with ‘.vcvss’ and Strip.

Ah, maybe this is it: do you tend to name your patches using dots in their names?

The “.vcv” extension will only be added automatically if the filename you type doesn’t already contain a dot. So:

  • typing “my_awesome_patch” will save as “my_awesome_patch.vcv”
  • typing “my.awesome.patch” will save as “my.awesome.patch”

That’s considered a feature. Issue 670 says “If you want an extension different than .vcv (like .json or .txt), it should respect that and not append .vcv.” So in my example above, Rack is assuming that “.patch” is a file extension that you’ve chosen to use instead of “.vcv”.


You are absolutely right. I always save things using date Y.M.D. like 2021.1.17amS&HDRUMS for filing purposes.

As such, I am condemned to using the filename after. Thank you so much for taking your time to look in a place I should have myself. Incredibly considerate.

Respectfully J


Happy to help! (And glad to get to the bottom of it!)

You could do it like I do: 2021-01-17_blob_blob_xxxxxxx

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