Am I really the top poster?


Do I have more to say than anyone else? No.

Do I spend more time on this forum than most people? Probably.

Did I go way overboard posting to “Chaircrusher Music Thread” for years? Definitely.

Actually the great thing about this forum site is that the traffic level is such that you can stay caught up. You can’t do that on Facebook. For that matter Facebook filters the posts you see and this forum does not.

I’m relieved that @vortico has more “likes received” than I do. Andrew is also less stingy than I am when it comes to clicking ‘like.’

And @Squinky Damn you for receiving more likes than I have. Double plus un-like! :wink:


Haha, yes, we are in the club :wink:

SQUINKY!!! image


I’m not even top 6. Must spam harder!