Alternative to Stoer Melder Strip please?

Hello Folks. I am using Ableton and sending MIDI-Gate information to control my VCV set up. Unfortunately the Stoer Melder Strip keeps crashing. Is there any suggestions for an alternative to Stoer Melder Strip?

Thanks and Regards Nidish

if you’re not actively saving and loading presets with stoermelder strip you can just delete it after you’re done. There is no alternative for it as far as i know.

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Just took a gaze at my crystal ball, nothing there about any crashes.


Thanks Ben! The issue seems to be that if I duplicate the strip the VCV just shuts down :frowning:

Does the strip contain an audio module, e.g. Audio 8? Because you can’t have more than one of them.


Ok… Update on the discussion. Things seem to be fine with the duplication issue mentioned above. Yes - the two audio 8 might have been the problem. Now I am faced with another problem - I am using a MIDI-GATE (Windows MIDI - LoopBe virtual MIDI) to trigger a drum synthesizer (Trummor2). I used C2 as my kick MIDI trigger and C2# as my high hat MIDI trigger as two separate MIDI in Ableton session view (clocking out with Ableton). But I am not able to get them to trigger separately - i.e. both the kick and HH are triggered if I trigger either of them :frowning:. Any suggestions to solve this? (Pic attached for some context)

I don’t know what the strips are for in your image. But to try to find the problem, start with something simpler. The following should work. Confirm that, then change the device in MIDI-GATE and try again.

also get a crash log. quite often it tells the story.

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@PaulPiko and @Squinky.Labs Thank you for your revert.

@PaulPiko - The strips are for controlling the Kick and HH through Ableton.

Thank you so much. I will try to spot the problem and update this discussion.

Best Regards

I have more than 2 STRIP modules running all the time on my Mac M1 without any issues. The STRIP needs to be next to a module for it to work btw. And you can use several modules next to each other which one strip can control. Choose both sides of the STRIP or left/right with the top button.

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