Alternative QUERTY Midi Mapping?

I am looking for a way to map midi inputs to every button on a computer keyboard. The QUERTY options in both Midi-Map and Midi-Cat only recognize specific keys to comprise a keyboard. I’d like to map every button (Tab, Caps Lock, etc.) to a certain value.

Any ideas?

This won’t help, but my old sequencer, Seq++, let’s you remap every key. It uses JSON files to specify the mapping, and it’s documented how to create your own. And the “built in” mapping is just a special JSON file that comes with it. So one can take the built in one, edit it a bit, and use that. It’s super easy.

I don’t think anyone has ever used that feature, but I think any module that makes heavy use of the keyboard should. Even if no-one will use it.

Would it be possible to have Seq++ send different CV values out based on a custom key mapping?

By the way, thanks for the response and for making Organ Three. I love that module.

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STROKE can map any key and modifier you want, but you have to process the triggers or gates on your own.


Perfect! I’ll start figuring out a way to patch what I want to do with them. This is exactly what I was looking for. There have been so many times I have thought of a function I wanted VCV to have only to realize there a stoermelder module in my library that already does it. Thank you for your service!

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It’s probably not the most efficient way to route this, but I have succeeded in turning my computer keyboard into the buttons on an Omnichord. I’m not sure why the triggers from the STROKE weren’t enough to control the MAPs but adding an ADSR between them seemed to work. Thanks again for the help and for the incredibly useful modules!