Alternative module Studio Six Plus One LaLa

Is there an alternative to Studio Six Plus One LaLa that I could use? Thank you!

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Stabile from Vult gets close(ish) or Damian Lillard from Frozen Wasteland. ( is set and forget, modulating the cross over frequency is hard). Basically any bandsplitter. Just experiment.


Thank you so much @yeager

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huh, thanks for the screens! It seems LALA is still cool because it goes probably for 48db\oct slope which is nice for cutting out sub bass stuff for example. Perco is nice in no creating any bumps and dips btw, I personally love this module for sub bass stuff and your screen is showing why is that :slight_smile: Flat bass responce


I don’t see 48 db per octave. Isn’t that per decade?

Howzabout something to replace their Zazel module, anyone?