Alternating The Sequences

Good day folks,

I’m looking for some knowledge on how to alternate between sequences in a civilized and controlled way.

Lets say I have 3 sequences and I want the first one to play for 5 bars, the second on for 1 bar and the 3rd one for 2 bars and go back to the beginning of a loop. And then maybe change one part of the melody with another sequence leaving the other ones untouched.

I’ve been trying to play with seq switches, Lfo pwm and comparators but the results have been quite unstable and without definite control.

Thanks friends

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I’ll plug one of my sequencers: Computescare Modules - I Love Cookies (available in plugin manager)

If your 3 sequences each come from a different sequencer:

  1. Plug your sequencers’ outputs into the Cookies input jacks A,B, and C
  2. Plug your (whole-notes) clock into the “clk” input jack
  3. In the top text field type in:

The output from the top channel of Cookies will output what you want: sequence A for 5 bars, B for 1 bar, C for 2 bars, repeating forever.

You could also use the knobs with lowercase letter labels if you want to just use I Love Cookies without external sequencers. If your clock is coming in as quarter notes, the program could be:
(20,4, and 8 because the clock is now quarter notes rather than bars)

External inputs (A-Z) and the knobs (a-z) can both be used in the text fields, as well as absolute voltage values via <1.22>. Here is a wordless demonstration of I Love Cookies in action:


Youre a legend. thats some sick lookin sequencer. I wasnt sure but now i definitely love cookies

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@computerscare That is Epic!!! Wish I had have known about that module a million years ago! Love your work!

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Not available for windows users?

Not available on v1 yet.

I’m almost done with the v1 changes - I hope to have the plugin submitted this week



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Ah great. I had the exact same question. I have not explored your modules yet but now I will!

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Our 4X4 let’s you load 16 polyphonic sequences and switch between them under CV control. They switch at the end of their current loop, to might be just what you are looking for? Or not???

The companion Seq++ let’s you edit any of the 16 sequences or put midi files into them:


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for some reason the forum isn’t displaying the image of 4X4. But here’s both of them…

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I really like the Seq++, I’ve been using it quite a bit, but the 4x4 confuses me some. Could I use it for example to alternate between two Quad Algorithmic Rhythm units? (I can do that with a switch + some logic, but it would be interesting to be able to do more complicated patterns.)

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I don’t think it would do that (but who knows?). The “normal” thing to do with it is put an entire Seq++ sequence on each pad - or at least as many as you want to use. It’s basically 4 tracks each of which has 4 sections. Let’s say you only use the first “track” (the top row of pads). You then have 4 sections, one for each pad in that row. Each pad has a count, so it will play that many times and then move to the next one. But the CV for that track (on the left) can be use to move it to the next sequence, or any of the sequences. Also, if you click on a pad, it will cue that sequence up, so that when the current one is done playing, that one will play next. I don’t know if that makes any more sense…

The manual isn’t great - but it’s here:

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