Alternating sample file players

A real basic question…

I want two sample players (wave file players) and I want to trigger them in such a way that one is always playing but both are not playing at the same time. And rather than starting from the start each time it’s triggered I’d like it to pick up playing from the point where it stopped last time. So if you have two 5 minute files it would take 10 minutes to get through both of them.

Any suggestions?

I got sorta close with two of NYSTHI’s confusing simplers using a square wave into the ‘stop-cont’ input of one and the inversion(?) of the square wave into the stop-cont of the other. But it wasn’t quite right, the two players were overlapping and I couldn’t get them to stop doing that.
I also tried cf’s Player but I couldn’t figure out how to get a basic alternating pause/continue thing happening.


2 confusing simpler
set to gated mode on play

use nysthi::logic to get gate and inverted gate (or nysthi::flipper doung some threading)

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Thanks! I tried logic and flippers but it must be too late in the evening for logic… I got close enough with the pulse matrix!