Alternate sound and silence

Hello everyone, I’m a newbie, I started using vcv rack some months ago and now I want to create a little project. I have a patch, and I’d like to run it for let’s say 30 seconds, then 20 seconds of silence…and to alternate music and silence two or three times. The idea is to record the whole sequence, and in my DAW adding other instruments. Sure I could manually stop the sequence, but I wonder if there is a more efficient way . I searched a lot but found nothing. Thank you so much guys!

You can use a sequential switch driven by a really slow clock (2-3 BPM) or LFO.

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to protect from the clicking transients use a forgiving “mute” button

you can use janneker and program the mute to be ON for 30 secs, off for 15, on for 45 ad libitum

for the mute use the mix4 - 8 - 16

of course there are a gazillion of other solutions… :blush:


I was just going to suggest using Janneker Timed.

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Frozen Wasteland’s seriously slow LFO square wave out to a VCA through which the whole patch runs would give you regular muting. Additionally a slight bit of slew limiter on the output of the LFO would avoid a potentially harsh click when muting. As the others have said though, there are loads of possible options, it’d be interesting to find the most convoluted (maybe something with a bunch of bernoulli gates and odd clock divisions through a logic gate - AND would work - for a more random trigger that could control a mute/kill switch; that could definitely be extended further!)


I thank you all, now I need time to study the different options…sequential switch seems good to give the track a structure, but I’m not sure to have understood how to use it for this purpose. Anyway I will try.

I tried a squared LFO on the mixer volume and it works well, also triangle wave is good for a smoother effect. Janneker is a module new to me…interesting. Bernoulli gate, that I love, can be a more advanced option. Thank you again…now it’s study time!

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