ALSA issue with V2 on Debian Bullseye.


Debian 11 ( Bullseye ) - user here : I downloaded the beta and it starts just as smooth as V1. However, regarding audio, the ALSA driver is very unstable and is unusable for me in this state, unlike V1. I cannot find out why.

When selecting my general output to the onboard Realtek Audio, default channels 1 - 8 , the ALSA driver crashes in console with :

ALSA lib pulse.c:242:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection terminated

So Pulseaudio crashes. Restart it. Audio works fine again in V1. Quit V1. Start V2 … make any selection in audio. Pulseaudio crashes. This can be reproduced ad infinitum.

The Realtek Audio chip on the motherboard is a ALC1220 with Dolby 7.1. channel support.


Running build of 19-11 downloaded from now : Sound remains stable if I select default 1 - 8 output with ALSA and I don’t touch anything in Audio8. If selecting anything sound disappears, but can be retrieved by quitting and restarting Pulseaudio-service.

You mean select any OTHER output than default?


Not sure of the cause ( either the new download from or a kernel update I received ), but the sound stability issues solved themselves as far as I can tell.

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