Alright Devices Linux build has library issues

This has to do with how the Linux version is being built. The Alright Devices Shared library won’t load on machines running LTE versions of common distros. The error message is here:

[0.240 warn src/plugin.cpp:90] Failed to load library /home/kwilliams/.Rack/plugins/AlrightDevices/ /lib64/ version `GLIBC_2.27’ not found (required by /home/kwilliams/.Rack/plugins/AlrightDevices/

This may be a problem only I encounter but in the past Andrew Belt has worked out how to solve this problem in the past. There are particular linker flags that need to be used; does anyone know what they are so that I can contact Alright directly?

If I remember correctly, that is the error I got when compiling in Ubuntu 18 instead of 16. Went back to 16 and all was well, but this may not be your issue.

No compile flags exist to use a different glibc version. Plugins need to be compiled with Ubuntu 16 (or anything with glibc 2.23).

I think you should more loudly document that in The only mention is an example of “on Ubuntu 16.04…”.


@chaircrusher Are you using Ubuntu 16? I’ve recompiled with linkage to an older glibc version but I don’t have xenial installed anywhere at the moment. Would you mind testing it before I send it along to Andrew?

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I’m using Centos7 on this machine (don’t ask) but anything built that follows Andrew’s build instructions loads fine.

I can give it a go, do I need to download it from you ?

The issue is still there in the version downloadable from plugin manager.

DM’d you