Alright Devices Chronoblob2: Please verify this bug and tell me where to report it

Could someone download this and try to delete the chronoblob2 at the bottom of the rack by holding delete and moving the mouse over it, then go to File>Save As? For me this crashes Rack every time. Using rack on linux (neon).

If anyone can replicate this, where do I report it to?

no problems on W10

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I can confirm that it crashes here every time also, either by using “Save”, or “Save as…”

I made a thorough test, and i must say the problem is quite random … Sometimes it crashes when using “Save” or “Save as…”, some other times it saves the patch without any problem, and few minutes ago it crashed when i selected “Open” after having succesfully saved the patch …

Don’t know, but if you want i can re-upload your patch without the conflicting module for you not lose your work.

My system: MacOS X 10.13.6 + VCV Rack 1.1.1

I experienced that too, sometimes it crashed for me before even getting to the menu. Well I’m glad it’s not just me at least, I’ve had a lot of stability issues and I was starting to think there was something wrong with my system but I’ve had Chronoblob in most of my patches so perhaps that is why.

It’s ok, I’ve already lost two sessions of work because of this. I just tried again and disconnected the sync first and then right click>delete and there was no problem so perhaps related to the sync? Looks like I can carry on though but I appreciate the offer.

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Yes, crashes for me (on second attempt) with Chronoblob2 v1.0.0 in Rack v1.1.1 on macOS v10.14.5. I’ve saved the crash log if it’s needed.

As for where to report it…

It could be a Rack issue but maybe start with the plugin developer first? The Animated Circuits website is given as the contact on the VCV Rack Plugin Library page, and there’s a contact form on that site.

I will write to them and see if they can identify the problem.

I have narrowed it down though and can reproduce it from scratch now. It is related to having two instances, just one on its own doesn’t crash but when you add another, sync it, and delete it then things get unpredictable.

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Hi, got your email, I thought I would post here instead of emailing back so that other folks will know what’s up. Thanks for reporting this bug and I’m really sorry it’s caused you to lose work! Unfortunately I just went out of town today (bad timing) which will make it difficult to confirm/identify/fix the bug. I’ll try to find some time to take a crack at it in the next few days.


Oh could you please send me that crash log?